Season 1. Episode 5: Moving towards more precision in healthcare and wellness with Dr. Richard Carmo

The accumulating advances that we see in technology and healthcare are giving rise to a wide array of improvements and possibilities in the space currently. Today on the show we are joined by Dr. Richard Carmona, who is the Chief of Innovation at Canyon Ranch, to talk about the near future of a better healthcare system for the country, and share some thoughts on what these steps forward can and should look like. Dr. Carmona has a very interesting personal story, from dropping out of school and joining the military to an illustrious career in healthcare, he has certainly walked his own path and surpassed the usual expectations! We have a fascinating conversation looking at the deterministic qualities of our DNA, the power of getting a greater understanding of our genes, epigenetic inputs, the impact environments have on our health, the value of some independence with regards to our wellbeing, and how the utilization of data is aiding progress in the space. Dr. Carmona also comments on the necessity of healthcare professionals staying truly up-to-date on the latest advances, the prevalence of health problems that we cause ourselves, rethinking the healthcare system as a more preventive framework, and using health and wellbeing as the foundation of a good life. So for all this great information and perspective, listen in with us today!

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