Season 1. Episode 7: The Health Data Economy with Dr. Jay Olshansky

Although the rate of increased life expectancy is decelerating, and most of us alive today are probably not going to live to 100, there is a lot of very exciting research being done in the field of aging. Today we are joined by Dr. Jay Olshansky, who was recognized by Next Avenue (a PBS affiliate)  as one of the top influencers in aging. Jay came up with the breakthrough concept of a longevity dividend which has gained traction across the world, and who built a health assessment technology for life insurance companies. In this episode, Jay explains the benefits of these developments, and also shares a variety of other discoveries that are being made by him and others in the field which have the potential to change the way we age, and how we deal with aging. Although many people want to slow down the aging process, Jay describes aging populations as hidden gems, and explains why everyone in society would do well to take notice of their value and allow them to flourish. 

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