Season 2 Episode 1: The importance of interdependence with Dr. Karl Pillemer

Today, we have a fascinating conversation about the powerful idea of interdependence. Here on the show to lend his expertise on the subject is Dr. Karl Pillemer, the Hazel E. Reed Professor in Cornell University’s Department of Human Development and the author of the recent book, Fault Lines, in which he examines the impact of familial estrangement. We get to hear from our guest about many aspects and angles of interdependence with a focus on why it is something that should never be neglected, especially as enter into our second half of life. Karl speaks about life expectancy and how relationships factor into this, why the fear of being burdensome is so common, and how American norms around families and support compare to other parts of the world. We also get to spend some time on the potent concept of longer shared lifetimes and how this underlines the work that Karl is doing. This conversation is jam-packed with amazing insight, illuminating research, and Karl's personal expertise and passion for helping us have better and longer lives, so make sure to join us.

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